Posted by: abedcelordy | May 1, 2010

Personal Identity

My Personal Identity:

Full Name: Abedce Lordy Yogananda

NIK / NIKS: 1371041403751004

Place and Date of Birth: Yogyakarta / March 14, 1975

Gender: Male

Height: 165 Cm

Weight: 60 Kg

Blood Type: “O”

Employment: Entrepreneurs

Citizenship: Indonesia

Educational History:

1. TK Labor IKIP Padang (1981-1982)

2. SDN PPSP IKIP Padang (1982-1987)

3. SMP 26 Padang (1987-1990)

4. SMAN 8 Padang (1990-1993)

5. Andalas University, Padang (1993-2000)

Organizational History:

1. Praja Muda Karana (Scout)

2. Red Cross Youth (PMR)

3. Nature Lover Organization and Environment (OPALH)

4. Scientific Work Youth Forum (FKIR)


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