Posted by: abedcelordy | May 1, 2010

Bachelor Educational Identity

Bachelor Educational Identity:

Full Name: Abedce Lordy Yogananda

Main Book number: 93111029

Place and Date of Birth: Yogyakarta / March 14, 1975

Level of Education / Degrees: S-1 / Bachelor of Agriculture (SP)

Study Program: Agronomy

Entry Year Lecture: 1993

Proposal Seminar Date: December 20, 1999

Thesis Seminar Date: August 21, 2000

Passed Exam Date: 25 September 2000

Degree Graduation Date: October 14, 2000

Number of diploma: 34733/0122/F.25/S1/2000

Alumni Number: 3577 / 34733

Grade Point Average (GPA): 2.78 (Scale 4:00)

Predicate Graduates: Highly Satisfactory

Old Study: 7 years

Thesis title: “Growth and Yield of Spinach (Amaranthus tricolor L. var. Giti Green) In Various Combinations of NPK fertilizer. “


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