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Personal Identity

My Personal Identity:

Full Name: Abedce Lordy Yogananda

NIK / NIKS: 1371041403751004

Place and Date of Birth: Yogyakarta / March 14, 1975

Gender: Male

Height: 165 Cm

Weight: 60 Kg

Blood Type: “O”

Employment: Entrepreneurs

Citizenship: Indonesia

Educational History:

1. TK Labor IKIP Padang (1981-1982)

2. SDN PPSP IKIP Padang (1982-1987)

3. SMP 26 Padang (1987-1990)

4. SMAN 8 Padang (1990-1993)

5. Andalas University, Padang (1993-2000)

Organizational History:

1. Praja Muda Karana (Scout)

2. Red Cross Youth (PMR)

3. Nature Lover Organization and Environment (OPALH)

4. Scientific Work Youth Forum (FKIR)

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Bachelor Educational Identity

Bachelor Educational Identity:

Full Name: Abedce Lordy Yogananda

Main Book number: 93111029

Place and Date of Birth: Yogyakarta / March 14, 1975

Level of Education / Degrees: S-1 / Bachelor of Agriculture (SP)

Study Program: Agronomy

Entry Year Lecture: 1993

Proposal Seminar Date: December 20, 1999

Thesis Seminar Date: August 21, 2000

Passed Exam Date: 25 September 2000

Degree Graduation Date: October 14, 2000

Number of diploma: 34733/0122/F.25/S1/2000

Alumni Number: 3577 / 34733

Grade Point Average (GPA): 2.78 (Scale 4:00)

Predicate Graduates: Highly Satisfactory

Old Study: 7 years

Thesis title: “Growth and Yield of Spinach (Amaranthus tricolor L. var. Giti Green) In Various Combinations of NPK fertilizer. “

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Bachelor Thesis Summary

Bachelor Thesis Summary

Research in the form of experiments on the growth and yield of amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor L. var. Giti Green) at various combinations of NPK fertilizer, had been conducted at Kelurahan Binuang Kampung Pauh In the District Municipality of Padang which starts from April to May 2000.

Plant spinach is a high nutritional value horticultural commodities that are potentially to be developed commercially in supporting the provision of nutritious food for the community, source of family income, and as an ingredient of traditional medicine.

To support the vegetative growth of spinach plants to increase the maximum and high quality results it is necessary to act fertilization through the provision of primary macro nutrient supply (NPK) is sufficient with the appropriate number of comparisons that can support the growth of spinach plants well.

Based on the description above has been carried out an experiment which aims to identify and obtain the best combination of NPK fertilizer for crop growth and yield of spinach.

This experiment used randomized block design (RAK) with 6 treatments and 3 groups. Obtained data were statistically analyzed by F test at 5% significance level and if significantly different then followed by Duncan’s New Multiple Range Test (DNMRT) at 5% significance level. The treatments were: (A) 45 kg N / ha + 18 kg + 22 kg K2O P2O5/Ha, (B) 68 kg N / ha + 36 kg + 33 kg K2O P2O5/Ha, (C) 90 kg N / ha + 54 kg + 44 kg K2O P2O5/Ha, (D) 113 kg N / ha + 72 kg + 55 kg K2O P2O5/Ha, (E) 135 kg N / ha + 90 kg P2O5/Ha + 66 kg K2O, and (F) 158 kg N / ha + 108 kg + 77 kg K2O P2O5/Ha.

The observed variables are the components of growth (plant height, root length riding, the number of plant leaves, and total plant leaf area), yield components (total wet weight of plant and total dry weight), and growth characteristics (growth rate and plant relative growth rate relative leaf plants).

The results showed that administration of a variety of different combinations of NPK fertilizer showed significant effect on total plant leaf area and total dry weight.

Giving combination of NPK fertilizer with a dose of 150 kg Urea / ha + 100 kg SP-36/Ha + 60 kg KCl / ha, equivalent to 68 kg N / ha + 36 kg + 33 kg K2O P2O5/Ha have to increase the vegetative growth spinach plants well.